Diving Courses

Our diving center is engaged in diving training and small excursions to nearby diving destinations when weather conditions permit. Our training is aimed at both beginners and experienced divers, on an entertaining level (from five to forty meters, depending on the experience and age from ten years old upwards).

You can get in touch with us by phone or e-mail to arrange your stay along with diving lessons in an organized package. At the end of the training we offer you free photos and videos from your underwater experiences.

Below you will find information about the various diving courses that we offer at our diving school. If you require any further information about any of these diving courses, please feel free to contact us.


Discovery is 1 hour diving program (theory and diving). In this diving program, students will learn how to handle the scuba diving equipment. The deepest diving depth in this course is 4 meters.


Junior Open Water is a diving program that is designed for students aged between 12 and 16 years of age. It is a full open water program and upon completion, the students are awarded certificates. The duration of this diving course is approximately 10 days, and the deepest diving depth is 12 meters.


Open Water Sport Diving is a full program (theory and diving) that lasts for approximately 10 days. This diving course is designed for students aged 16 or over. The deepest diving depth is 20 meters. Upon completion of this course, a certificate will be issued to the students.


Advanced Open Water is a program designed for divers who have experience in open water, and who wish to advance to a higher level of training. The deepest diving depth of this course is 30 meters.


Safe Air Diver is a program where the divers are taught how to use a mixture of oxygen 21% and above.


Dive Master Diver is a program for experienced divers. The student would have completed all previous diving training on the Open Water level, and ranked with a high theoritical and diving level.

Other Diving Courses

Other diving courses that are available at the Petries Divers School include ....

• Rescue
• Dive Medic ( Oxygen administration, First Aid, CRP provider )
• UV Navigation Diver
• Current and Drift Diver
• Night Dive Wreck Diver
• Advanced Dive Planning
• Altitude Diver
• Safe Air Wreck Diver
• Rebreather Diver
• Technical Diver
• Exploration Diver

... other specialities

Diving Courses in Evia